MediaFarbe - analog und digital

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Autor Bühler, Peter  
Titel MediaFarbe - analog und digital
Untertitel Farbe in der Medienproduktion
Verlag Springer
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Auflage/Ersch.j. 2. Auflage 2004
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Colours have the power to stir emotions and awaken memories. Artists are not unique in their use of colour; scientists, psychologists, designers, writers and others also understand the power of colour. For the architect, selecting colours can be one of their most challenging tasks, yet one that can achieve tremendous impact when professionally implemented. "DETAIL Practice Colour" provides architects with the relevant expertise necessary for working with colours: from colour theory and the fundamentals of colour perception and effect, to strategies for developing coherent colour concepts during the design process. Colours in urban and rural settings, historical considerations, as well as detailed information on spatial effects, materiality and the influence of light, round out the theoretical part of the publication. Various examples of international projects realised in both interior and exterior spaces illustrate the successful implementation of architecture and can provide insp...